Compliance in China

Following Chinese law doesn't need to be complicated. We help you pick the right permits and licenses to stay compliant with Chinese law.

Stay Compliant in China. Save unnecessary time and money waste.

Yes, we know laws and regulations in China confuse foreign developers and companies.

With a tight timeline? Contact us for a quick call to figure out what permits and licenses you to need. Typically, if you follow our guides to prepare docs in advance, we could save you at least 30 days of unnecessary time and money waste.

21YunBox has made compliance in China hassle-free for our users. We handle hundreds of cases every year, and we know the exact position you are currently in and what to take to get to your end goal sooner and faster.

I needed to get the legal requirements for China sorted out before we get deep into the build process and can't turn around and change anything.

Brani Wright
Business Owner

Can I not get those permits or licenses?

We know there is many of outdated information online that might have misguided you.

The answer is NO. Permits like ICP Filing are a must-have if you want to operate in compliance with the laws. The Chinese government has outlined five obligations companies must follow when hosting their websites in China.

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