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The tech stack you love broke by default in China. But we bring them back—no more headaches in China. Git push, and your site goes live in China in minutes.

Sites Load Faster and Developers Ship Quicker. All with Confidence and not Breaking Chinese laws.

Foreign tech works great globally but not in China, and most hosting providers in China only give you the bare virtual private servers (VPS).

Hosting your sites on VPS 3x your time to develop your sites in China leaves you with heavy operations and maintenance costs in the future.

Web hosting in China with 21YunBox Edge, you stay with the tools you love and host your site with full compliance in China.

After finding out the web hosting platforms that we normally use are not stable in China. We needed to find a new hosting platform that worked in China while allowing our non-Chinese clients to manage their content from across the globe.

Oliver Brown

Following the law doesn't need to be complicated

Laws and regulations in China confuse foreign developers and companies. 21YunBox has made this process hassle-free for our users.

The Chinese government has outlined five obligations that companies must follow when hosting their websites go live.

We used to have to rely on a team in China to host our Chinese website. It was like a black box, we had no control. Now, I can deploy and host any website from my office in Australia!

Oliver Brown

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