21YunBox Edge

The blazing-fast network works for web apps for China.
Give your website an edge for China that no one provided.

China by default. Multi‑cloud by design.

Give your website fast access for 1.41 Billion people in China. Distributed just like a CDN, but with advanced functionality for publishing entire sites and web apps.

The Benefits of 21YunBox Edge

Faster sites.
Gain a Competitive Edge for SEO in China

China distribution with automated prerendering makes for blazing-fast site delivery. Ethereum China moved to 21YunBox for an 8x boost in performance.

Extremely reliable. Extremely secure.

Publish web apps across multiple cloud providers for ultimate reliability. And since web apps are pre-built, all edge nodes serve securely, static content with no opportunity for attacks or exploitations.

Zero Infrastructure Required

Deploy directly to 21YunBox Edge to replace production servers, staging servers, deployment systems, and CDN caching.

Our website went online for just 12 days in China, and many keywords immediately rushed to first place in Baidu, which far exceeded my expectations!

Li Chao
Tech Lead, Ethereum China

21YunBox Edge vs Standard CDN

Go beyond a standard CDN with even less to maintain.



21YunBox Edge

Supports Static Assets
Support China ICP filing
Works without an origin
Git-integrated CI/CD
Deploys Manual Automatic
Cache Invalidation Tricky (some risk of stale content) Instant (no risk of stale content)

Give Your Website an Edge for China

21YunBox Edge is trusted by publicly traded companies Zippo, Bottega Veneta, Commune Lifestyle, and more.

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