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The foreign tech stack works great globally but not in China. Thousands of developers and teams came in and asked for help:

The answer is: YES, we can help.

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Build your site offshore, and run in mainland China

Speed is the leading factor in all search engines.

21YunBox Build gives you an edge to build outside China and deploy in mainland China within minutes.

Instantly build and deploy your sites to 1.4 billion users in China from Git, including custom domains and HTTPS, and seamlessly deploy your Netlify or Vercel sites here.

I needed a platform like Vercel to deploy a client's Next.js + Headless CMS site to mainland China.

Alessandro Romano
Bottega Veneta

Following the law doesn't need to be complicated

Laws and regulations in China confuse foreign developers and companies. 21YunBox has made this process hassle-free for our users.

The Chinese government has outlined five obligations companies must follow when publishing content in China.

My client's website uses Vercel + Next.js for the Western audience, but wouldn't work in China. 21YunBox allowed us to keep a similar workflow while building the website off of a Github repository

Danial Hirunrusme
Rockbund Developer

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